Best Western Plus NICE COSY HOTEL

Preventive health measures following COVID-19

  • Contact areas in common areas, including room cards, elevator doors and buttons, and the door handle on the entrance door, are disinfected every hour.
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of all contact surfaces in common areas, such as reception, lobby furniture and flooring, counters, garbage cans, stair railings, are performed regularly.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at the reception desk.
  • Contact bridges, such as locks and latches, light switches, office surfaces, telephones, TV remote controls and bathroom faucets are carefully disinfected after each day.
  • Wearing a visor for hotel staff is mandatory and it will be disinfected every 4 hours. We ask them to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, or failing that with a hydro-alcoholic solution, to clean and disinfect their work area regularly.
  • Each time they start work, our staff will be checked for temperature.